Suubi “Hope” Health Center opened its doors to the community in July 2014


Left at home with her 3 children under 6 years, Rose had labor pains and patiently waited for her husband to return home later in the evening to take her to Hospital. By the time he got home, it was too late for a normal delivery. As soon as they arrived at Suubi Health Center, the ambulance rushed her to Iganga Hospital for emergency obstetric care to save her and her unborn baby’s life. And we want to do more of this!



A community with no woman dying while giving birth


To provide quality maternal, nenonatal and childcare and extend health services to the underserved.

Suubi delivers 30 babies, vaccinates 90 children, offers antenatal care to over 100 women on average each month.

Services Offered

Promotive, Outpatient Curative, Maternity, In-Patient Health Services and Laboratory services.

More on Suubi Services

Suubi Women

We started with training 32 women - Suubi Women, from 8 villages. Currently, 7 of them are working directly with Suubi Health Center and households providing health education and promoting healthy practices in the community. They, as a referral and communication channel, are Suubi's greatest link to the community.

Community Outreaches

Hosting community outreach days is an important part of running a successful health facility in a rural setting. Due to poverty, poor roads, infrequent transport and long distances, many people are unable to attend Suubi Health Center. They should not be left out because of these limitations; instead, the health center should travel to them.

Suubi Health approach includes use of Forum Theater to act out stories of individual health challenges and community outreach participants - the "Spect'Actors", join the plays to respond to community health problems with ideas of moving forward.

Immunization, antenatal care check ups, vaccination against cervical cancer are among the services we offer during our outreach days.

Twogere "Speak Out" Girls' Clubs

​Twogere Girl’s Club allows the BI Center access the heartbeat of Budondo. They are a link and a referral system between the health center and the community. They work directly with the community to identify current and persisting issues that young girls face in areas that span health care, poverty, access to resources and the power imbalance between genders. Through Forum Theater and community dialogues, the Twogere Girl’s Club is able to ignite social change and stop the cycle of violence against women.

Contact us

Tel: +256 780 982521


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Open 24/7 at Suubi Hospital

Visiting Address

Budondo A - Bukanga S/C

Luuka District, Uganda

Delivery Address

BI Center

Post Box 383,

P.O Iganga, Uganda