We are on a mission to locally generate income to support 100% of Budondo Intercultural Center's operational cost

"We invest into business ventures that create jobs in the community, and 100% of the profits go towards supporting the operations of the organization including medical supplies and staff salaries for Suubi Health Center".


Community Tree Nursery

Plant species in the community nursery and agroforestry units include coffee robusta, gravelia, bathdavia, maessopsis, calliandra, grafted mangoes, oranges and pawpaws. Vegetables pre-germinated from the nursery unit include egg plants, green pepper, tomatoes, spinach,  cabbage and others.

BIC Model Farm

The Model Farm is an establishment aimed at demonstrating regenerative and sustaibale ways of practicing agriculture. Plants grown include mangoes, papaya, oranges, coffee, cassava, maize, soy, beans, water melon.


We use permaculture principles to inform our garden design models

Hardwood Trees

One of the long term income generating projects is tree planting. We have over 5,000 trees planted, majorly pine, bathdavia and gravelia trees.


These will be huge boost to scaling up our specialized healthcare services and future infratructure development at Suubi.

Agribusiness units and farms are connected to the PHE Approach by linking them to model households, holding trainings onsite. Knowledge and pproaches learnt are replicated in their own gardens and share the same knwoledge with their neighbours.


Motorcycle Loan Scheme


BIC SusPlan Program runs a motorcycle loan scheme to not only generate income to support the operational cost of the organization but to create employment for youths in different rural communities. The motorcycles are driven as taxis to transport passengers and their goods back and forth to town.


Youths who run these motorcycles get daily income to support their families as well. They are able to buy food, sent their children to school and other basic needs in their families. After a period of 2 year, the youth owns the motorcycle for good. With this program, 112 people directly benefit from the project and have 259 direct beneficiaries by the end of 2018. The income that goes to the organization supports and subsidizes the cost of accessing healthcare at Suubi.

The truck operates as the only large transport service provide in the area. It is hired by farmers  and other business people in 58 villages to transport their agricultural produces and business merchandise back and forth to town.


The service generates income for the organization and 100% of the profit goes towards paying staff salaries for the medical staff at Suubi health Center.

Community hall

Budondo Community hall is  a local hub for social interactions, workshops and entertainment! The facility  is a 1000 seater capacity and  a home to Budondo community's public events.   It doubles as home to Budondo Intercultural Center's head office.

Besides airing soccer matches and film shows for a fee, we conduct all our organization's trainings and skills development at the venue.

It is open to institutions such as schools, non-government organizations, government bodies to hold their workshops, meetings, competitions or any other events that promote human rights, knowledge sharing, skills development and human connection.

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Tel: +256 780 982521


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Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Open 24/7 at Suubi Hospital

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