Shanti Uganda Birthing House

The Budondo Intercultural Centre is pleased to announce the addition of the Shanti Uganda Birth House to our existing programs and future vision. This joining of forces has been made possible by an exciting partnership between our organization and The Shanti Uganda Society, a Canadian charity and Ugandan NGO, that has been operating in Uganda since 2008.

BIC and Shanti Uganda are thrilled to combine our successful programs under one organization and expand our collective impact throughout Uganda.

Shanti Uganda has worked tirelessly to improve maternal and infant health throughout Uganda through their maternal and child health services, Teen Health Education Programs, and a Community Garden and Nutrition Program. Supporting over 1644 births at the Shanti Uganda Birth House, their maternal mortality rate remains zero.

This partnership between Shanti Uganda and the Budondo Intercultural Center is much more than a joining of organizations - together we are merging our shared values, dedicated team and commitment to maternal & child health in Uganda.

Contact us

Tel: +256 780 982521


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Open 24/7 at Suubi Hospital

Visiting Address

Budondo A - Bukanga S/C

Luuka District, Uganda

Delivery Address

BI Center

Post Box 383,

P.O Iganga, Uganda