For Healthy and Productive  Rural Communities, One Household at a Time



As the primary program, Suubi Health Center is working towards being a regional provider of quality maternal, neonatal and child healthcare and extending services to  the underserved remote areas in the region.


The PHE approach works towards improving livelihoods at a household level  to enable communities afford the subsidized healthcare cost at Suubi but not at the expense of the environment they live in.


 The BIC SusPlan runs local entrepreneurship projects to locally generate income aiming at supporting 100% of the orgaizational operatonal cost including the cost of running the clinic.


Our model


Provide quality health services at Suubi Hospital;

Entrepreneurship projects to locally fuel the hospital's operations thus subsdizing the cost of health services;

Empower families to improve their livelihoods and afford health services at the Hospital.


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Working towards healthy and resilient communities in 58 villages in East Central Uganda.



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News and Updates

We are thrilled to announce that Shanti Uganda is joining forces with us at the BIC to combine our successful programs under one umbrella organization and expand our collective impact. The Shanti Uganda Birth House and its associated programs will continue to grow under our local leadership at BIC.

More details on how you can be a part of it here

In Uganda, It Took a Village to Change Maternal Healthcare


...Since its opening in 2014, 398 women have delivered babies at Suubi. That is 398 women who may have lost their lives and the lives of their babies on the 25km long bumpy road to the next nearest facility. 398 women who may have stayed at home for lack of money and fear of mistreatment at other health care facilities. 398 women who may have gone to a neighbouring traditional birth attendant, whose limited knowledge often means  that otherwise manageable complications during delivery become fatal. Because of Suubi, these 398 women experienced the kindness, cleanliness and care that every woman in the world deserves...


Hannah Clyne (Mama Hope)

Family builds Suubi "Hope" Health Center


...In the meantime, we at the Suubi Center will continue to provide vital services. For us, the biggest question is how we can do this sustainably, so the services will continue even if donations dry up. We don’t want to be like many public health establishments; huge multi-story buildings with few staff and no supplies. So, how will we keep running the operational costs of our clinic for decades to come? In a remote community with no electricity and a poor population, how will households afford high-quality healthcare services?...


Denis Muwanguzi (Budondo Intercultural Center)

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