What we do

Suubi Hospital


Between August 2016 and July 2018, 21,219 people received quality health services from Suubi including:

463 safe deliveries

2,008 children immunized

1,695 Antenatal Care visits

3,555 Family Planning user cases


We serve a catchment population of over 260,000 people. The main focus is on maternal, neonatal and child healthcare but outpatient, in-patient and laboratory services are offered to the general public.


"Last night, one of the partner clinics called for Suubi Ambulance for a mother who failed to deliver. On our way to Iganga - more than 15km from Suubi,  the woman gave birth to a premature baby in the ambulance with the help of our skilled birth attendant. They arrived at the hospital very soon after that and the baby was put into an incubator. Both the mother and baby are alive and kicking"


Programs Manager, December 2016


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BIC SusPlan


This program was initiated to address our organizational and community resiliency needs. We co-run income generating activities with local communities that earn income for the organization and for the households through employment.


More than 340 people have directly benefited from daily income generated by the motorcycle loan scheme!


"I love my job and I'm happy to be one of the receipients of the motorcycle scheme. I was riding a motorcycle for my boss but now I am my own boss because I will own this motorcycle in the next 2 months. I am able to earn income to support my children in school, buy food at home, clothes and make a little saving" ... Dan, one of the motorcycle drivers.


Our BIC SusPlan Program runs a motorcycle loan scheme, a truck for transport services and community hall which airs soccer matches, film shows and hosts community social events and celebrations at a fee.


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PHE Approach


We have so far turned 81 families into model households with an average family size of 7 members. Each family undergoes a training in the PHE Approach and benefits from project inputs that act as seed capital.


Over 750 people directly benefited from this program in 14 months.


Through implementing participatory and integrated population, health and environmental activities, households in their local communities are empowered to regeneratively manage their local resources that they depend on for their livelihoods.


The approach encourages manageable family sizes through promoting family planning and other reproductive health services from Suubi Health Center and other service providers.


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We envision healthy rural communities living in sustainable environment through


empowering individuals and families to lead healthy and productive lives

Organization Model

The primary program, Suubi "Hope" health, was initially the only program which aimed at addressing side road child births and high maternal and child health illnesses and deaths. We currently run a community-led health center with quality healthcare services operating 24 hours 7 days a week and aspire to be a regional provider of quality maternal and child health services. One of the greatest challenge to us and to healthcare in general is a lack of access to the services. They are often unavailable in terms of locality, distance, medical staff, medical drugs and supply stock, and/or unaffordable in terms of the high cost. These two factors are grave hindrances to access and use of health services in Uganda and many other low income settings. The communities we serve are not only struggling with inaccess to healthcare but to a vast number of socio-economic, environmental and public health challenges. In our local communities, the sugarcane industry has attracted the largest proportion of families to use and/or rent out their land, usually for 5 years at time, for sugarcane growing. Income earned out of this will last less than a year. Besides the environmental impacts of such large monocropping establishments, families struggle to ensure food security and sustained income generation. This makes them more vulnerable and less resilient. Health issues such as malnutrition, diarrheal diseases, inability to afford maternal and child healthcare, all become persistent year after year.

Local income generating projects were established to support the operating cost of the health center and in return lower the cost of health services. Our PHE model not only addresses predisposing factors and drivers of poverty and other socio-economic and environmental elements but also directly addresses barriers to access and use of health services.

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Unique Value Propostion

Only Organization running a health facility with qualified, passionate and caring health workers, open 24hrs/7days a week with ambulance, laboratory diagnostic services and health education using theater.

Only organization with a holistic integrated approach at a household level addressing population, health and environmental issues.

An organization with a unique strategy towards self reliance and self sufficiency

An organization that has a strategy for its own growth, growth of its employees and the growth of beneficiaries (individuals and families) in the community in one go.

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E-mail: info@bicenterug.org

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Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Open 24/7 at Suubi Hospital

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Luuka District, Uganda

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